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Empowering Women to be IT Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Sudar - A light to illuminate HER Circle

Sudar, an initiative of Yarl IT Hub, works towards the idea of identifying, encouraging, and supporting women who are already into and want to get into technology and entrepreneurship.

Where do we start encouraging women to take up ICT, technology as a path of career? Sudar identifies the school as a potential space that can create diversity in technology. Thereby, Sudar initiated discussions with ICT and tech stream teachers specially from Girls’ and mixed schools to identify the challenges that need to be addressed and the discourses that need to be challenged to encourage young girls to boldly choose ICT and tech as a subject in public examinations. Identifying certain issues during the series of discussions Sudar had with teachers, we dived into conducting coding workshops as a way of reaching out to girls with the desire and potentiality for tech.

Sudar understands the need to have role models with whom the younger generation can identify. Role models and young girls can identify with and relate to. Sudar works on connecting women, who have braved against the odds, in the tech and entrepreneurial industry with young girls and women interested in these sectors.

Our Values

Equal Opportunity
Not For Profit
Technology and Corporate Independent
Nurture and Develop Talent

Sudar Talks - Season 01

It’s a motivational & experience-sharing talk program. It is an initiative of Yarl IT Hub to encourage women’s participation in IT sectors and entrepreneurship, especially in the Northern province.

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